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SphereCard is a platform designed with the future in mind to enhance the connection between customers and businesses through interactive profiles that work with mobile and web apps.  It supports search engines AI. By utilizing SphereCard, companies can create comprehensive and engaging profiles that provide customers with information and interactive features. Here's how it works and its benefits:

How SphereCard Works

  1. Business Profile Creation:

    • Businesses create SphereCard profiles that include essential information such as contact details, services offered, operating hours, and location.

    • Profiles have interactive elements like voice/video chat, messaging, appointment maker, videos, product galleries, resources, and time stamps.

  2. Customer Interaction:

    • Customers can search for businesses on SphereCard based on criteria like location, industry, and specific services.

    • Interactive features allow customers to engage directly with businesses, ask questions, book appointments, make purchases, or leave feedback.

  3. Analytics and Insights:

    • Businesses receive analytics on profile visits, customer interactions, and engagement metrics.

    • Insights help businesses understand customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Increased Visibility:

    • A robust SphereCard profile can boost online presence, making it easier for customers to find and engage with the business. There are over 80 categories that have various job types. More Categories and job types can be added at will as needed.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement:

    • Interactive features foster a more dynamic customer relationship, encouraging repeat business loyalty and make easy for them to share the business with others.

  • Better Customer Insights:

    • Analytics provide valuable data that can inform business decisions and marketing efforts.

  • Global Digital Trends:

    • In January 2021, the global population reached over 7.83 billion, with 66.6 percent owning mobile phones. Internet access also surged, with 4.66 billion users marking a 7.3 percent increase, highlighting the growing importance of digital connectivity.

  • Streamline Communication:

    • Analytics provide valuable data that can inform business decisions and marketing efforts.

    • Direct interaction through the platform simplifies communication and can improve customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

Benefits for Customers

  • Convenience:

    • Customers can easily find detailed business information, make inquiries, and complete transactions all in one place.

  • Enhanced Experience:

    • Interactive elements like virtual tours and multimedia content provide a richer experience than traditional business directories.

  • Trust and Reliability:

    • Customer satisfaction and ratings on profiles help build trust and inform purchasing decisions.


SphereCard offers a modern solution for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and customers seeking convenient and interactive ways to connect with companies. By bridging the gap between traditional business directories and advanced digital engagement tools, SphereCard supports more meaningful and effective interactions in the marketplace.

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